Friday, September 17, 2010

he's no longer here

"he" refers to a cat
named Smokey
not mine, my sister's
she left him here for a couple of weeks
since my parents are not here until September ends,
Smokey kept me company,
but today, after i came back from mpyo rehearsal,
my sister and Smokey are no longer here
i guess, she took him to her house or something
now, i immediately feel lonely
no cat will be there waiting for me at the bathroom door when i took shower
no cat will wait in front of my room to come in
no cat to talk to
no cat to snuggle with
haha, i have other cats, i know
but u see, Smokey lives inside the house,
while the other cats don't go inside the house
so, he kinda get to spend more time with me,
but hey, what the heck...
he'll be back here someday, i can tell :)

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