Monday, September 20, 2010

if you are a Malaysian and/or raised here in Malaysia...

u must be able to speak AT THE VERY LEAST two languages
one with your family and friends
and the other for the purpose of communicating with others such as tourists or something.
we live in a multi-racial, multi-religion...multi-everything country for goodness sake
of course we need AT LEAST know how to speak two languages "quite" fluently.
seriously, it is NOT a bad thing at all, parents should train their child to communicate in their 2nd language as well.
Even Mayya's (my violin teacher) son, he's not Malaysian, he's Russian. And he can speak and understand Bahasa very very well. Which means he can speak Russian, English and Bahasa.
I have a friend who is half-Japanese, half-Malay. He can speak three languages as well, Japanese, Malay and English...and there are people who can speak up to 4 or 5 languages fluently for goodness mastering TWO languages should not be a problem...AT ALL.
I say this why? I started teaching violin yesterday.
I have this one student, who can't speak both Bahasa and English.
It took me 10 BLOODY minutes to ask him his age...and he is 8 years old for goodness sake. How can an 8 year old kid can't answer a question as simple as "How old are you?"
It is like one of the first thing you learn in kindergarten for goodness sake.
My 6 and 5 year old nieces and even 3 year-old niece are able to speak in English and questions like "What is your name?" or "How old are you?" or "Where's your dad/mom?" is not a problem at all. Especially for my two eldest nieces, they can speak and understand English better than some of my college friends.
Nowadays, in this modern world where everything is competitive...communication skills cannot be taken lightly.
Besides, parents should not keep their child under one language alone, not here in Malaysia at least. How can that kid survive later in the future, right?

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