Sunday, September 26, 2010

more self-control please?

i wish i can have more self-control over myself...u knw, just be a bit more ethical when u need to be one...not that i dun knw how or when to be, but sometimes i forgot about it for a moment in an event and behave a little inappropriately and then ppl will start talking about it and just sum it all up as me not having any ethics for certain event. a bit frustrating that my manners are assume as inappropriate for that short little moment. happen twice already this year where people told me of being unethical in an event. i knw, it was unethical, but it just slipped off, i didn't do it on purpose or anything. sigh...i should learn to be more aware at all time next time. it just really hard to control your every move at all time. i guess i just need to try harder next time

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