Wednesday, September 01, 2010

the name of this secret

I wonder...
What is happening?
It used to be lovely
Might not be the best,
But at least it's okay.

I wonder...
When did it happened?
When did this parasite came to be?
It just came and start draining all the beauty
Now it's dying.

I wonder...
How should I feel?
I admit I never was the person who adore it the most
But I know it's lovely and nice.
And thought it will remain the same way.

I wonder...
Can the beauty be restored?
Suddenly the world is getting darker
Why now? Why must it ever happen
The light of the sun is getting dimmer underneath those dark thick clouds.

I wonder...
Is this a test played by God?
Or is it karma playing its part of the game...
I'm seeing it breaking apart
And yet I feel so hopeless

I wonder...
Will the dark thick clouds remain?
Or will there be a wind to blow it away...
Will there be hope?
For the sun to shine its beauty again

I wonder...
What will happen in the future...
Will the parasite be eliminated?
Or will it win?
And took away all the beauty as heartless as it can be

I wonder...
Will there be a savior to restore its beauty?
Will it be one or many?
Will it be saved?
Can it be saved?

For the name of this secret...

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