Friday, September 10, 2010


today is the first day of Eid. honestly, my days of being eager to get duit raya has long gone. i just asked for it for fun, but if i didn't get one, i don't really make a big deal out of it. but even on the first day of eid i already get lots of money, lol. why i call this post nostalgic? coz i actually like the achievement of my dad's and mom's family. they might not be the richest person in the country, but at least they can afford to travel overseas, buy expensive clothes. and what i like about it? coz both of my parents family used to be from a poor family. like my dad, when he was young, every day when he came back from school, he and his brother will go look for woods so my grandma can make some nasi lemak later and before they go to school, they will sell it. my dad got a few cents (not more than 30 cents) per day from his parents to spend at school. while my mom, she's not the eldest, but she is the eldest daughter in her family. so, she got lots of work to do, and sometimes, her family cooked yam and mixed it with rice for their meal. her late dad used to work in the palace, so, sometimes, the whole family go there and sleep there too (but not in the luxurious way). so, to see that my parents and all their siblings work hard to achieve the life that they have now, is just great. it makes me want to be just as successful as they are, i mean, thankfully, me and most of my cousins don't really have to go through a lot of hardship in life. but i know how hard my parents work to get us to this easy life, so, i appreciate it. i appreciate life and never cross my mind to be a worthless piece of junk. i want to be successful. so at least i can show them that i, too, can be successful. then, i can give my parents money every month, and just repay back as much as i can. i might not be a good daughter in terms of taking care of them or being nice and friendly and caring...but there are other way for me to show my appreciation :)

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