Thursday, September 30, 2010

odd group of people

group #1
people who change their gf/bf like changing their shirt.

group #2
people who prefer to turn a general opinion as something personal and started to fight and get mad about it and accuse people of being disrespectful.
seriously, if you take it personally, that means you are the kind of person mentioned in the statement.

group #3
people who wants to be rich and successful. but their ways of doing it is by wasting time and hope for all the fortune to come rolling down to their feet.

group #4
people who just can't be punctual. seriously. i find it unacceptable. if it's for a good reason, then i can tolerate. but for the excuse of "it's not like we're gonna start on time or anything..." is bullshit. coz they are the reason something cannot start on time.

group #5
people who are so stupid that can't find a simple way to just respect other people race and religion.

group #6
girls or boys who cheats on their bf/gf. why can't you be loyal? if you don't love ur partner, call it off instead of cheating.

group #7
girls who smoke. okay, i know this is normal nowadays. i have lots of girl friends who smoke, but i dunno...i just don't like the idea of girl smoker. doesn't look nice. enough with guys cutting their life short, no need for girls to do it too. sorry if this part of the post offend anyone.

group #8
money people. which is the type of people who wants to put a price in every single thing around them including dignity and self-respect.

group #9
people who refuse to look at things in a new perspective. try to see it through someone else's eyes and try to understand their feelings or beliefs.

group #10
people who prefer to have fun by torturing animals. it's extremely cruel and heartless.

p/s : just a general statement by me. not intended to be addressed to any specific individual :)


馬旖 said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

luee ♥ said...

oooh i hate group 2, 3, 4 and 10.

nice one.