Sunday, October 17, 2010

back . exhausted .

back from Ipoh.
Thairy drove me there...

the concert was fine...I guess.

I went back in the morning of Oct 17 to go for my sister's wedding reception.
the rest of the members went to Lost World of Tambun.

Went to practice for the Singapore gig after the wedding.
Damn tired.
Going to bed.

thanks for driving me to Ipoh...and back from Ipoh, and to Damansara later for the practice, you've been such a huge help :)

the rest of the pictures of other members are in facebook

and the thing from the previous post, about the jealousy stuff, it's going away, finally, even though sometimes it came back, but at least my brain can tell that it's the effect of PMS so I'm not disturbed by it that much :P

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