Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Confession of an ex-bookworm

I am not really saying I'm a bookworm, but I do read a lot during my school days. Fantasy novels and anything that I found interesting. I will read it. Sometimes, I have this "Do you know that..." moment while talking to friend about certain topic to share with them what I read from magazines or newspaper.

And I was much more imaginative last time since I only read books that involve magical powers, fantasy adventure and stuff. But after school was over, it's like I left my reading habits at school or something. Not like I don't read anymore, I still do, but not as much as last time. And it'll usually take longer for me to finish a novel now coz of lack of free time. For a book that I can finish in...let say 3 days during school time, nowadays I will probably need 3 months (or more) to finish it.

Yeah...kinda sad. And my mom bought like this books for me months ago that I haven't read until now. And I bought a book two months (or more) ago that I only getting started to read it now. How pathetic is that! But hey, at least I manage to start reading it now. I won't be surprise if it'll took me many months to finish it.

And when I manage to read that book, the odor of the paper, the sensation while reading and imagining the story in your head. Is just wonderful. I almost forgot that incredible sensation, I really do miss it dearly. The imagining-the-pictures-in-your-head-while-reading is the best part of it. I remember last time when I read the Charlie Bone series, I imagine it so much, that when I stop reading, I thought I was watching a movie and began to wonder what am I doing lying on the bed. haha, I know, THAT was how imaginative I used to be.

I hope I will be able to read more in the future. It's fun to read novels about this magical stuff, I enjoy it. But the problem with this kind of novels is that it always come as series, which is frustrating coz I will need to find the next book to know how the story goes. But in the end, when I manage to finish the whole series, it's a great feeling :) I remember I cried like hell when I finished reading The Magician's Guild series coz the author killed off my favourite character. hahahaha. I miss those days, hihi.

I will definitely try to get it back. I love reading, it's like watching a movie in your head while you read it.

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