Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I have a thought today. About relationship. I'm not saying I'm an expert or anything. I mean, I only been in a relationship twice in my 21 years of life. So, I think I am more clueless about relationship compared to my friends. But you know, I'm learning as I go, life is a learning process. I guess I can say that I'm good at not rushing into a relationship because I keep telling myself don't get a boyfriend until you entered university. And I manage to stay true to those words until I'm 19, which is the age when I got in my first relationship, but only lasted for two years. And age 21 is the age where I am in my current relationship and can only hope and try to make it work. ANYWAY, before I start typing rubbish, lets get back to my thought. I see a lot of people in a relationship. Some people take it seriously, they only decide to go in a relationship when they are sincerely in love. Some people change their partner like changing their shirt, which for me, I think that are relationship out of lust and that's why it doesn't last long. Then I had this thought in my head, why do people break-up sometimes? Maybe because they don't love their partner like they used to, or maybe after months or years of relationship then only they can see another side of their partner that they can't tolerate with. Being cheated, a painful way to end a relationship. They just simply not serious in the relationship. I can think of many reasons why people break-up. But at the top of my head, is also the question how to make a relationship work? Doesn't matter short-distance or long-distance...I believe both can work if there's trust and honesty in the relationship from both side. Especially for long-distance, I believe long-distance is very difficult to maintain because it will require a huge amount of trust within yourself to your partner. And there's always this devil thoughts in your head when you partner is away...thoughts like; "how is he/she doing there?" "is there a girl/boy flirting with him/her?" "does he/she flirts behind my back?" "how come he/she is not calling until now, what is he/she up to?" it is thoughts like this that usually gets in your head, and if you are not strong enough, or in other words, you don't trust your partner enough, you'll easily get jealous over something that you shouldn't get jealous of. But then again, honesty is also very important. You can't play with someone's trust, for me it's terrible. To make long story short, if you can't be honest, then don't expect that you can be trusted...and if you can't trust, then what's the point of your partner being honest to you? I mean, it's not like you're gonna trust him/her, right? In love, you can't really play safe. Lots of risks need to be taken. Like lots of people say, love is a gamble. You can't win a gamble if you are afraid of risks. Love is not easy, there will be lots of obstacles and those obstacles are the ones that make your relationship grew stronger.

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See me. Hear me. said...

I agree with you on the basics of every relationship.