Wednesday, October 20, 2010

into hairbands?

since my hair is not long enough to be tied into ponytail.
and my fringe is getting in the way while reading music.
I decided to wear hairbands, and oddly, I've been buying hairbands. lolz
Just now I bought three hairbands!
I like the one with silver and gold flowers most. Coz it's very very comfortable while wearing it.
But of course, it's the most expensive out of three, but the quality is way better than the other two. I bought the silver and gold flower hairband at Vincci accessories inside iSetan for rm23.
The blue and metal hairband I bought at Chamelon for rm4.90 for the metal hairband and rm7.90 for the blue hairband.
there's another hairband at Vincci accessories that I really like, very similar to the silver and gold design, except it's wider with silver and gold butterflies, but it cost like, it's not worth it, I go for the flowers design instead.

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zalabak23 said...

i love hairbands expecially the ones with giant colorfulbows: )