Thursday, October 28, 2010

long day

worked just now. did my replacement class. i replaced two classes that i canceled for the osr tour in ipoh and amy search concert at singapore. damn i am so effing tired now. my back hurts. now it's 0040 already, and later need to wake up early coz i have rehearsal for Francis Yip's concert at convention centre in the morning, and the show is later at night. wish me luck for the concert.

just now, went to dinner with him. heee~ miss him a lot even though we haven't seen each other only for 3 days. i mean, we manage not to see each other for more than two weeks before but i have no idea why these 3 days were tougher. probably i didn't get to say goodbye when i'm leaving from singapore very early in the morning, so, i kinda instantly miss u more. n i can tell that u miss me too by the way u react when u see me just now. hehehe~ love u, love u, love u ♥ ♥ ♥

other than that, just a thought. i have many musician friends, some are still studying in uitm, i want to see everyone succeed in the music industry, doesn't matter as a musician, or educator, or arranger/composer, music director, stage manager, conductor...doesn't matter as long as it's still within the industry. but have this glued at the top of your head if u are still planning to be within the music industry for your future career, music industry in malaysia is very small, so, the competition is high. don't even try to even think of an excuse of not practicing unless it is a matter of life and death. seriously, take ur private practice time seriously. and practice smart, not just hard. don't be wasted. don't be rubbish. try to at least be somebody that people can acknowledge u as part of the music industry and not just as someone who used to be in the industry.

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