Tuesday, October 26, 2010


okay, I'm in a relationship. And there are times when we want to be all sweet and romantic online at facebook. But it was just a simple thing, all we ever post to each other's wall was;

"i ♥ u"
"♥ u"
"♥ ♥ ♥"

just that, or something similar. But I don't get it why some people kept on commenting on the post saying stuff like we should just stop doing that...coz I don't know, maybe it's annoying to that person or something. I've seen other friends of mine that wrote to each other something like...

"love you baby. mwhxx"
"i love you more. mwhxx"
"no, i love you more. mmmwwwhhxxx"
"i love you more and i miss you baby"
"i love and miss you more :-*"
"awww...I love you so much baby :-*"
"me too baby :-*"

and more, this is just small part of it. and no one seems to mind...in fact, people like it by saying stuff like; "aww, aren't you guys the sweetest couple there is" and such. so, why something short and simple is a lot more annoying than those long ones? and I've seen another couple that post like 10 heart shapes to his/her gf/bf wall. I only post 3 heart shapes...THREE!! and that person found it annoying. and when we were trying to be sweet to each other in person, we will be asked to get a room. So let me get this straight...I can't even lean on him, or he can't put his arm around me when we see each other and we can't show any simple affection online? While there are other people around us that are more passionate both online and offline...and that's okay? There is something really wrong here...


OdaMalik said...

I did it more than 10 actually.. Well,it was the past but, it
s something fun actually. I mean, people will look at your/his page and know that you guys are still in love and still care about each other when you're far apart.

And no worries,I found a page of my friend that's worser than what you've seen.

Wani said...

yeah, i know ada yg lg dasyat n romantic, kitorg nye simple je. but why must there be people who find it annoying and suruh kitorg stop?

Wani said...

ouwh, and the 10 heartshapes, sy tak maksudkn awak tau. hehe, jgn terasa plak :p

OdaMalik said...

hahaha...my days are over,plus i think it's about a few months since i last posted <3 to 'his' page.

keep on doing what you think is okay. don't give a damn about what people say :)