Thursday, November 18, 2010


i dun mind girls hanging out with him if i am not around as long as it's a friendly hang out.
i dun mind if girls ask him to help out with something such as giving a ride to some place as long as it's a friendly request.
but DON'T...and i mean DON'T flirt when the girls know that he's with someone.
don't be a slut.
don't be a b*tch. i saying that to someone?
maybe :p
actually it can be applied to every single girls that flirt with a guy that already with someone.
i hate those kind of girls.
i hate it even more if the guy respond to the flirt with a flirtatious way, not in a joking sense.
girls who try to steal someone's man or flirt with someone's man...are for me, cheap.
if you are meant to be together, you'll be sooner or later.
so stop acting so desperate.
go look at other single men.
don't ruin the happiness of others for karma, will never forget its job in returning the favor.

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