Monday, November 15, 2010

can it be changed?

there are a few mindsets, generally, i am not saying this to any specific race/ethnic/religion etc. in general among human beings, there are some people with weird mindsets and i wonder if it can be changed at all.

one of them is about giving good advice to a friend or anything similar to tell a friend to become better SINCERELY. there are some people, for example, if i don't help my friends by making them realize of the wrong things that they are doing, then i will be accused as a terrible friend because it just mean that i don't care about them, BUT if i do give advice and tell them that what they're doing is not helping them to become better, i will be called a diva or star or something similar to "i-am-so-good-so-i-can-say-this-to-you" kind of person. i know we can't please everybody, but what if it comes from the same person? lol, i'm just saying it, doesn't mean i've met such a person. it just crossed my mind, that's all. heehee~

another one, is VERY common among MALAYSIANS REGARDLESS OF WHICH RACE AS LONG AS THEY ARE MALAYSIANS. the weird time management. haihz~ why can't when we say 2pm, the event/occasion/rehearsals starts exactly at 2pm? the only place where i can actually feel the pleasure of starting EXACTLY on time is with MPYO/MPO. anywhere else, when it is clearly been informed that something will start let say at 10am...people will start showing up at 10.30am. is this some kind of decease? i don't know why, i just find it really odd with this kind of "30-minutes-to-one-hour-late" doesn't matter if you're great at what you do, but disciplinary in punctuality must also be well taken care of individually. don't give the "why-must-we-come-on-time-when-the-rest-of-them-will-be-late" excuse. DON'T be like them who always late. create a good image for yourself. if you have a good reason for your delay, then the least you could do is to inform it to those who are already there. so at least people will know.

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