Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I want to try

you know those people that sell stuff online. i never try it. there are some that tried and they got their items pretty much in a good condition and in a very nice designs and quite affordable including the posting fee and stuff. i tried looking for some of the clothes that i've seen online in boutiques. but i guess i am just lousy at looking for the right boutique with affordable prices. the ones with affordable prices, i will either not satisfied with the materials quality or i am not interested with the designs. if i found one that i like, it will be expensive T-T

but some of the stuff that people sell online, it is quite cheap since it comes straight from the factory. everything is usually below rm100. and lately i found another person selling boots online, and i become very interested with the designs. and it is all under rm100 including delivery. i really want to try...but at the same time i am worry if i will not be satisfied with the quality. this is the problem with online shopping, you can't see the item for yourself unless you buy it. but i am very interested with these three boots. if i see these boots in a boutique store, it will cost like rm80 and above. while the three boots that i post here, all between rm60-rm65 including delivery. now, i am interested in these designs best out of all designs. but if i am to buy one of them (yes, only one), i am not sure if i should proceed or not...what do you think? should i try or should i pass it? is there by any chance that any of you might know a boutique store with similar designs such as this within affordable prices around KL?


Najwa Abdul Aziz said...

ok.. sy pn rase minat jugak! haha..
sgt kewl la..
suit dgn kaw la.
klo aku pkai, cm pelik sket.

Wani said...

haha. tp aku x jd beli pown. aku still x berapa percaya nk order online la, takut bile sampai je aku x suke dgn materials die.