Tuesday, November 16, 2010

left 4 dead 2

the last time i played this game was about two weeks ago...more or less with thairy, wan n jannah.
awesomeness!! me likey the game vewy much. haha.
it's all about team work. u can't win this game without good team work.
it will be fun if i can play this again even though i'm not good at it, but i do enjoy it a lot ^_^
but i do avoid from playing it too much though, i don't want to spend too much money n time on it.
but there is a good thing in it, it teaches you about team work, coz, i notice when i play this game with friends, no one really cares who the leader as long as we stick together and try to get everyone alive. but of course, most of the time there will be at least one person with a good strategy plan n will lead everyone to it.
sometimes, when i play with thairy, some people that i'm not really close to join and play along, and it became a really good topic starter to actually start talking instead of sitting in one table not saying anything to each other, lol.

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