Thursday, November 18, 2010

need and want

it's been awhile since i watch a new movie.
i want to watch movie...

but on top of it,
i need more practice, i really do.

but most importantly...
i need to sleep now -_-

there some other things that i want or feel like i want but actually i need or feel like i need only it's something that i want...and there are also things that i really need.

it's 2345 now, will be midnight soon. this week is MPYO strings sectional. uurrghh, feel like screaming. and for the concert at DFP on Dec 19...there might be a really big possibility that thairy might not come to watch the concert, coz his mom already pushing him to go back to his home town in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. he might go back to his hometown after OSR concert in Genting early of December. which means there'll be no one waiting for me after concert...just like September concert :'( but what to do, family first right? i can't just ask him to stay longer just because i want's just selfish. he didn't get to see his parents as much as i do, so i can't interfere when his mom asked him to go back. but it's okay i guess, he's been there for me most of the times, besides, there's always next time...right?

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