Sunday, November 28, 2010

Oddly Nice

Here, try to watch this video. I'm sure at the start of the video you will feel like leaving this page because the music might sounds weird to you. But try to listen to it, watch the way the singer perform it. The various face expressions she used, the technical ability to sing it, her confidence. It is actually very good. However, I admit, I did found the music a bit weird at first, but after I listen to it, I began to think this is actually not a very bad music. I'm not usually a fan of new music since the harmony can be very weird at times (I was told this is a new music, correct me if I'm wrong), but for this song, it is actually acceptable to my ears. I don't know about you, you might have a different opinions, but just give it a try and listen to the music. Enjoy ^_^

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