Wednesday, November 03, 2010


OSR tour to Kangar, Perlis this week is postpone due to terrible flood in Perlis. BooHoo~ I was really looking forward for that camp ;-/

Today went to Shah Alam, had practice for quartet performance next week. Nothing heavy, just simple songs. Easy enough to sight-read since we won't be having that much rehearsal.
Met Tity there, new haircut, never seen your hair that short before =P Then later in the evening, went to play game at Section 7 with Thairy and Jannah. Played Left 4 Dead 2, it's supposed to be 4 players but since we can't get the 4th player, we remove one character, so, only three of us played. Playing with only three players were tougher than I thought! But we all manage to survive the game! Yay!! ^_^

Going to have violin lesson tomorrow. I am so screwed :-\

Planning to buy tickets for MPO performances. There are some shows that I really don't want to miss. But not sure when to buy it =S

Now, I am kinda sleepy -_-'s 0045 already. I should go to sleep now, bye bye~

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