Saturday, November 13, 2010

tired la deyy~~

woke up early, went to Bentley. i am not suppose to play for the concert. but paul like begging me to play, even though i made myself clear that i can't come for many rehearsals and the show is like in two weeks, but he doesn't care. so...whatever =/ then went for OSR. later at night, me and thairy went to Mid Valley and i bought a new black top!! hahaha. finally. it's just a simple black top, i was planning to survey more, but since thairy's leg was aching, so, i cut the shopping trip short and just bought the black top. then had dinner with him, went to the jigsaw puzzle shop. got SO many One Piece puzzle! Damn it!!!! it's the 10th anniversary for One Piece. i can't believe that One Piece has been running for 10 years already. it is indeed the longest running anime. but i didn't buy the puzzle, coz not enough money, and the puzzle cost like rm150 (frame not included) huuuu~ if i have enough money to buy both the puzzle and the frame, i will definitely do so. hihihihi. but never mind, maybe next time :) well, i'm kinda tired now, maybe i should rest. it's been a fun day hanging out with you, sayang :)

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