Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Art of Quartet Playing by David Blum

Yesterday, I just started reading a book called The Art of Quartet Playing by David Blum.
So good. I just finished the first chapter...before I went to bed last night.
The first chapter was basically about leading and the hall and the characteristic of individual.
Kinda interesting, gives me new ideas and some knowledge that might be useful in the future.
This book is mostly a conversation between the author and the Guarneri Quartet.
I now get the clear understanding why they prefer the 1st and 2nd to be next to each other instead of opposite from each other and why they prefer the violist to be on the outside instead of the cello.
And they even said that eye contact is not very helpful, what important is to be able to see the bow and fingers.
And also, about leading...I really love that part. Just because you hold the melody doesn't mean you have to lead. One person can follow your movement and lead the rest so you can concentrate on your playing instead of become distracted with other things.
And they talked about hall acoustics...and I like to quote this sentence;

"Basically speaking, if a hall is good, it's good, and if it's bad, it's bad. You can't make it better by playing softer, louder, slower or faster. You have to play what you hear yourself and make your own balance on stage; beyond that, there's little you can do."

But of course, these are the words from musicians who played in a quartet for 20 years. So basically, their experience are huge. And they did mentioned in some of the parts especially the leading and blending in stuff that it'll grow by experience. It'll be better after many performances and rehearsals.

Well, I will definitely want to continue reading it later. The next chapter is about tuning and intonation. Awesome-ness!! And now...I definitely want to start finding some members for quartet playing. And when I mean quartet...I mean classical chamber music for quartets, not some pop song re-arranged to be played for weddings or dinners...
I'm planning to practice it and let a professional musician listen to it and comments and suggest stuff...we can ask different people every time...Mayya, En.Mus, En.Nas....some other people.

Well, gtg now, ttyl. bye~

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