Wednesday, December 08, 2010

From Camp

I am updating my blog from MPYO camp.
I'm in the same room with three other violinists.
I'm here since yesterday.
Didn't do much yesterday.
Today, I watched West Side Story with the rest of the members, and had sectionals until night.
I just got back from sectionals.
I am tired! But not yet sleepy.
Tomorrow tutti at 0930, breakfast at 0730.
So, basically, I can't sleep late. Gonna need energy if I want to make it until night tomorrow.

Owh, and just want to share something.
See this picture down here, I'm wearing Monkey D. Luffy's straw hat, from One Piece.
Thairy bought it after we watched Harry Potter at Cineleisure (I hope it's the right spelling)
So, I borrowed it to take picture with the hat. Hihi.
and this is the picture of Luffy and his precious straw hat :)
And I managed to get myself two One Piece puzzles.
One with 1000 pieces, I haven't done that one yet, gonna do it after camp.
Another one is a mini puzzle with 150 tiny pieces with the picture of cute little Chopper, and I managed get it done within one hour before I get ready to go for camp. hihihi.
I just love jigsaw puzzles. I dunno why, I just love it ever since I'm a little kid.
When I was around kindergarten or standard one, I manage to do a 500-1000 pieces of jigsaw puzzles all by myself in one day.
But I'm not that good at it anymore since I stopped playing jigsaw puzzles for nearly ten years (or more) =(
Now it'll probably took me around three days to finish it considering I'll only do it a few hours before I go to bed.

Well, I don't think I should make this post too long.
I shall update more when I got the chance...or at least if I have something interesting to update of course.
Well, take care~
I'll see you when I see you :)

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