Sunday, December 05, 2010


If you hear that word, what is the first thing that cross your mind? Do you hate it? Does it remind you of someone you know? Does it remind you of yourself? Do you have your own interpretation of jealousy? Or...will you have a question of; "what's the difference between jealousy and envious?" hahaha...

Actually jealousy, is the synonym to envious. It's pretty much carries the same meaning. Only people use it differently. But what is your personal opinion about the word jealousy? Will it only leads you to the situation in a relationship? Or will it lead you towards a bigger scope that includes everything that people can get jealous of. Such as someone's good result in exam, someone's happiness etc.? Doesn't matter which scope you see it from, but for me, jealous is something that everyone will feel once in awhile. We are normal human beings after all, and sometimes we just can't help but to feel jealous.

It is the way how you handle your jealousy that counts. Some people just don't know how to handle their jealousy, they let that feeling take over their mind and it might leads to a negative environment. While they are also people who don't take their jealousy seriously and simply let go. And, they are also people who can change their feeling of jealousy into something positive to motivate them to work harder in the future. I think I am more of a "let-go" kind of person. I honestly don't like being jealous. But I admit, sometimes I do get jealous of other people's achievement or when I see a girl being a bit too friendly with my boyfriend, but you know it's a flirt...not a friendly behavior, but a friendly-flirting know, something that only the girlfriends will see but not the boyfriends? yeah....anyway...I don't like being jealous. So I will usually tell myself; "Why jealous? Your time for success will come, just don't give up" and also "why jealous? he loves you and you know that, those bitches are desperate for attention" Or something like that and I will eventually let it go. So, I refuse to let that jealousy take over me. Jealousy can be dangerous if you don't learn to control it...seriously it does. It can ruin your relationship with friends and love ones.

Like I said earlier, as a normal human beings, we can't help but to get jealous sometimes...but remember, it's how you handle your jealousy that counts. Try not to let it take over you.


Raveneye said...

feeling jealous is normal. it does mean that u care and u actually have feelings, isn't it?

gosh, i wonder how you two declare each other? who started first? how was is done? where and when? huhuhu~

nope, im not busybody but, well, kinda.... umm.... getting prepared for it, hehehehehehehehe XD XD XD !!!

(daydreaming again, G~~~ :'( )

Wani said...

Yeah, I know. But too much of it is dangerous. Sometimes we just need to trust. I know, that's one of the main reason why I ended my first relationship, I just feel that I'm not trusted coz of too much jealousy from the other side.

and pasal declaring tu..haha, nothing sweet and romantic, very simple.