Monday, December 13, 2010

A little something something

Hey people! Finally I got something to update. Well, not much to update really except that today will be my last day here in PERMATA, Bangi. Tomorrow MPYO will leave for Kuantan to perform on the 15th of December. Can't wait to see Yong Wei, and Faz will be there also. heehee~ cool, some friends to meet.

Just now during afternoon rehearsal, we run-through the whole thing of Mahler's Symphony No.1. It took nearly an hour to finish the whole movements. It's the 1st and 4th movement that take a lot of time, especially the 4th movement. There's 8 pages for the 4th movement alone for the 2nd violin, not sure about 1st violin, I bet they have more pages. It was tiring. Everyone was gasping for air after we finished the whole symphony, but it felt so damn good. I mean, to be honest, as much as I love to perform in orchestra, I won't get this much sensation and satisfaction performing with other orchestra. MPYO really gives the best feelings of enjoyment and discipline at the same time while playing music together. Well, in terms of social life, I might enjoy it more with OSR since Thairy is in OSR also (hihihihi :p) and it's easier to get along with everyone because in MPYO, sometimes I got communication problem coz I can't speak Chinese T-T So, it's a terrible flaw for us Malays. The worst moment for me is during the 2nd violin sectional where even the MPO tutor spoke in Chinese and I'm the only person who has no idea what the heck is going on, I feel like an idiot at that moment, and I didn't enjoy the sectional at all =( But other than that, I do love playing in MPYO a lot because the quality of music produced by this orchestra is very lovely (compared to some other youth orchestras in Malaysia of course).

This Bernstein's Symphonic Dances from West Side Story, Chow Jun Yi's Getaran and Mahler's Symphony No.1...these are quite a heavy repertoire to be taken under one concert, but it's really fun playing it all even though now my back hurts really bad. But never mind, I still enjoy it anyway :)

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