Thursday, December 30, 2010

Lone Ranger.

I didn't go online today until now. I opened Facebook, none of the notifications related to me. I opened my blog, no comments whatsoever, I opened Tumblr...nothing for me. I've been home for a long time since MPYO camp ended, and my phone will only receive SMS from CELCOM. I got no calls, no SMS unless it is work related or I'm the who says "hi", and usually the other person replied like half an hour later. The only person who remember me is Thairy, but we don't contact through phone everyday, usually through Facebook, and it is usually at night before we go to basically, besides Thairy, I got no "Hey, how are you? Long time no see" SMS or phone call from anyone else...................wanna know how I feel? How do you think I feel?

like a total loser....great...
Happy New Year people.

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