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My Journey in 2010 ^_^

Well, looks like in a couple of days it will be the end of 2010. So many things happened this year that I decided to make a post about it. I won't exactly put EVERYTHING that happened this year, it'll take forever for me to write. I just write some stuffs that I can remember now and just share it with you. I do remember that I began this year by playing in an orchestra for a musical production under UiTM called Whoa! Willow. It was at DBKL, I remembered watching movie with Thairy, Ayit and Mae at Pavi...spending some great times at Old Town White Coffee, went shopping with Thairy and Azam, Thairy end up buying a new jacket while Azam end up buying a new purple shirt :) and we made fun of the "kablamdabush" in a "music faculty version". hahahaha, and all of us become very fond of saying "harroomm!" XD

*one of my pictures from Whoa! Willow.

and after Whoa! Willoa ended, we stayed in touch with some of the crews and casts through Facebook and hey, hey, was my last semester in UiTM. Everybody just can't stop talking about showcase and do meeting here and there, deciding the names. We even fought over the name...but the worst fight was probably over money. And since our showcase was in a "new system", it became sort of experimental and a lot of students don't like it because it's more like an exam on stage...instead of a "showcase"....we were even told to treat it like an exam. I personally don't like it...I mean, if you want it to be treated as an exam, then don't call it "Showcase", change it to "exam-on-the-stage-with-more-chairs-than-audience" or something. Anyway, let us just skip the details and move on, shall we? This year, I went to picnic with Nazrul and the gang. It was enjoyable, I do wish more people could join us though...but...never mind that, just remember the good stuff, okay? haha =P

*picture from the picnic at Ulu Yam.

And just before January ended (gosh, January was quite a hectic month for me, huh?), I got a SMS from Dania and we played for Mono together with Thairy and Jig at KLPac. Mono is this band from Japan, if you don't know the group then just Google search it, I'm sure there's something that you can find. The show was nice and simple, we played like 3 songs and people there are friendly too. Here's a picture of us with Mono...the guy in white shirt is not from Mono, just one of the people who manage the event, I think.

I remember somewhere in February (thanks to previous post), Najmy called to play quartet for dinner, it was sucks, and we get paid for rm30 and I broke my stand, hahaha, but what I remembered most from that is that I played Left 4 Dead 2 for the very first time with Thairy, Ayit and Najmy. It was fun :) Moving on, before 2010, I have never travel out of Malaysia, not even once not even for a minute. But on March 2010, me and my family went to Hong Kong for a few days. Very brave of me since my showcase was just around the corner. It was effing cold! But it was a nice country, I love our trip to Disneyland very much, I grew up watching Disney movies and going there is just wonderful, it's like walking down to memory lane. I would love to go to other Disneyland around the world one day.

*me and my family while in Hong Kong
*a picture of me in Hong Kong Disneyland

Immediately after coming back from Hong Kong, I bought souvenir for friends and I also bought a souvenir for Faliq at the time and it was the day when we ended our relationship of 22 months. We didn't fight or anything, we ended it peacefully. Why? Hmm...for those of you who don't know, it's simply because I realized he's not the one that can make me the happiest girl and I certainly know for sure that I am definitely not the one that can make him happy, both of us deserve someone better. So, I ended it...for better or worse. At least nothing can change the fact that he's my first ever boyfriend in my life. But, after thinking of it, I know I made the right choice, coz not even once I feel any sort of regrets ^_^

Oooh...and another important thing happened in March. My first ever camp with MPYO. I auditioned twice for MPYO...and both I came unprepared. Haihz~ lazy daisy wani. haha. Throughout the year, now I joined 4 camps of MPYO so far. It was fun to be able to play music with great, talented, young musicians :) However, during the first camp of MPYO, my batch and the batch that we suppose to induct but just didn't get the chance to do so coz of some conflicts, did some dinner together to get to know each other better. Because since there's no induction, those kids just never get the chance to get to know the seniors, it might not be a great way to get to know seniors, but at least it's an affective way for seniors and juniors to get to know each other. So, both my batch and their batch throw a dinner party to get to know each other...and I wasn't there!! Because I was in camp :( Why must two great things happened at the same time? Haihz~ never mind, it's in the past now.

*my picture during the June MPYO camp (my 2nd camp)

And after that, the tension of showcase was rising. I need to get the program book done. Thairy and Zakian helped me a lot especially for the photo session because I wasn't around when it happened, I was in Hong Kong, I just gave reminders and some orders through internet. And with people not submitting their synopsis of themselves and repertoires was driving me insane. I put a notice on what to write...I even said to write only between 5-6 sentences since the space was limited...and yet people asked questions of what I wrote on the notice and send me synopsis of ONE BLOODY PAGE LONG FOR EACH SONG! I need to edit everything, and everyone questioned my rights for editing what they wrote. I was like..."It's not my fault that you people can't read properly what I wrote on the notice that I pasted properly on the notice board!" So basically, was a bit stressful. And not to forget with me having trouble finding accompanist. Huuu~ but on April 4, 2010 everything went well. I performed Dvorak - Romance, Saint-Saens - Violin Concerto No.3, first movement and my creativity song...some medley of classical and pop songs, inspiration from Stringfever quartet with the help from Munir, Azam and Ken :)

*me during showcase, make-up done by Sherry and Lily

Do I need to mention about PWTC? Hmm...well, it's nothing really, just a nickname given by a group of people for me and Thairy. We were in the state of scandalous at that moment. hahaha. I remembered some jokes that some of the guys make about PWTC in front of the specific group of people. It was funny, but no harm done, we only wanted to tease, nothing more, nothing less ;) However, year 2010 gave me the dullest birthday ever. I was working on the day of my birthday TT^TT yeah, for a show at Dewan Sivik, PJ. There was rehearsal on the night of my 21st birthday and some classes during the day. Haihz~ I didn't get much wishes too, the previous year was better. But I did get a birthday present from Wan and Thairy. The only birthday present I got for know. The year where I become legal to do pretty much everything is the one with lamest celebration :'(

*picture from Dewan Sivik, PJ of that event.

However, I did get a "belated" birthday celebration, on April 17th, at home with family. Well...better late than never, huh? I remembered Thairy, Wan, Ayit and Ken were there too. So, basically Wan and Thairy had a great birthday this year. haha, at least better than mine T-T

*with family on April 17

Then with all the commotion, end of showcase, end of all exams and submission of reports, end of forum...finally end of orchestra class, which was my last subject for my last semester. It was tearful because I know once I leave, I won't be able to see my friends that often. At the same time, my relationship with Thairy was growing and we were deciding either to move forward or just leave it where it is. At the start of May 11...we declared as a couple :) and up till now, I still love him so much ^_^ This is the very first picture of us together as a couple. It was after Mentor, us, together with Wan, Ana, Ayit, Bijan, Awi, Nadia went to Mentor and become the "juri awam" there. haha.

A few weeks later, I had reunion with my school buddies. At Mid Valley, we watched The Karate Kid. Me, Afiqah, Najwa and Shazril. And Thairy joined us too ^_^ It was fun, after many years, finally my first reunion since SPM. We walked around Mid Valley, went to Toy R Us...and just catch up with each other.

*Afiqah, Me, Najwa and Shazril. School buddies.

After that, a new semester started at UiTM, of course, I'm no longer a student, got my result, I was very thankful with my successful result. I got A+ for Showcase...yay!! and after that, I still joined an event with UiTM, for ASEAN Universities Orchestra. It lasted for a few days. It took place in UKM. After that, me and family went to Bukit Merah and Penang. Went to that Bukit Merah Lake Town or something...forgot the name. The water park was no good, me no likey the water park...but I do like the mini zoo. Well...only because I can hold some of the animal. And for the first time, I've been like 3 foots away from a couple of huge was scary :-S

*at Bukit Merah with family

Then after that it was fasting month, September MPYO camp, Raya...and my sister moved to Scotland with her family, my parents went with them for a few weeks. Until October, where I was very busy with gigs. I can barely remember the gigs already, Francis Yip concert, some other concert...but one concert that I will never at Esplanade, Singapore. Wow, from a girl who never travel out of Malaysia, I got the chance to travel out of Malaysia twice in a year. hahaha. It was great, thanks to En.Radzali. I got the chance to perform at Esplanade too! ^_^ It was a gig for Amy Search. Abg Rafi arranged the songs. And I remember I came back earlier than the rest of the team because I was involved with an event at DFP. I played side-by-side with the MPO players. How awesome is that?! Never in a million years I thought to be given that chance :)

*picture from Esplanade, Singapore

And then my parents went to Mecca...for haji. I was home alone for quite sometime. And then, it came. My convocation day. I am the only person in diploma course of that semester that received Vice Chancellor Award. Pity, Wan and Aiman could have got the title too if it's not because of a minor flaw during the process. I got flowers from my sister and Thairy. This is my picture in the robe.

After that, on December 3, I went for an audition for Birmingham Conservatoire. I don't know if I get in or not, because I'm still waiting for the result. I don't know when though...I do hope I will be accepted in. And later, on December 5, the last performance from OSR of year 2010 to rap up our tour. At Genting Highland.

*OSR at Genting

And after that, I joined MPYO December camp where there were tours too. It was also fun and enjoyable. And I got a gig on Christmas day at Sunway Lagoon Surfbeach. I played for Search and Wings for their concert, Double Trouble. And now just reminiscing about my journey throughout 2010. I do still wish to watch The Tourist though. But no buddies to go with la :( Well, my hope now is that I will have a great year ahead ^_^

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