Saturday, December 04, 2010


I promised that I will update about what I've been up to right? Well, I won't go into too much details, too lazy to type a long post. I'll make it as simple as possible.

November 27 - OSR @ Seremban
the show was not bad actually, and the hall was not bad too, at least we sounded quite decent that night. but there were way too little audience. the production team of that Seremban cultural place should do their work. But then again, the people of Seremban might not interested also. But Zaim and Wan Haris Budiman did came, since their hometown are basically in Seremban.

November 28 - My Graduation
it was quite tiring since we all gathered at the HEP section in that robe and it was freaking hot and i was sweating like crazy! but it went well anyway. quite happy with it. to see all my friends once again. i got the Vice Chancellor Award and also the title as the best student of my program from the faculty of music, which is of course MU110 program. some of my friends, even though they didn't get any award, but i do feel like they need to be acknowledged for their hard works. but i'm sure it'll come soon enough, just as long as they never give up. what can i say? it's graduation, different people can give different meanings to it, but what should i say about it? it's practically a ceremony to award you for your effort as a student, to go through all the obstacles during semesters and exceed in all exams and finish all the syllabus. but i do believe to each and everyone of the students, it means much more than that.

December 3 - My Audition
i went for audition for bachelor. the result will be out in 3 - 4 weeks. so, i'm not sure how it'll turn out to be. i hope i will be accepted. wish me luck :)

i think that's all for now. tomorrow OSR will perform at genting. so, need to wake up early tomorrow, and i am pretty tired + sleepy, goodnight people. bye~

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