Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Currently in London

I arrived in London at 8.30pm, which is probably 4.30am Malaysia's time. It was a 14 hours flight. Very exhausting. I couldn't sleep...I probably fell asleep for less than an hour. I finished the book that I bought for the flight and it was probably 5 hours before we landed -__-"" The book? AWESOME!!!! Damn...I never thought it would be THAT good. But for Lauren Conrad to leave it hanging like that...in a middle of a really good and juicy drama is just cruel...now I definitely need to look for the 2nd book. But the book is great. Kinda like the combination of Ugly Betty + Devil Wears Prada + America's Next Top Model and such...well...I haven't slept for nearly 24 hours now...so...bye bye...I need to sleep!!

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