Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 16 of 30 Days of Challenge

Day 16 : Your views on mainstream music.

Well, I never really thought about it. But if you don't know what mainstream music is, click here, there's some definition of mainstream music. I don't really know where to start. I won't say I like it, because I don't judge a song based on its popularity or majority. Even though, I do admit that some of the content of mainstream music might not be suitable for all ages, but not all mainstream music is like that, well, at least not during the 90s, now, in this era where every songs, well, at least most of it, want to talk about sex, being dumped, money etc....I don't like it at all. But overall, I am quite neutral to mainstream music, probably because I don't listen to radio much these days. So, I don't know...I just never thought about it really. Maybe because I always judge the song (modern song) by its lyrics, melody and harmony without thinking of it being a mainstream music or not. If the lyrics, melody and harmony are nice...not too sexual or materialistic in the lyrics and there's a range of melody instead of sounding flat all the way, with nice harmony instead of electronic sound with same beat from beginning until the end, then I will consider the song to be good. I don't think much about it being in mainstream or not...maybe I should, but before this I never pay much attention to it.

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