Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 18 of 30 Days of Challenge

Day 18 : Your Beliefs

Well, my beliefs? In a religion perspective, I am a Muslim, and I am not ashamed of being a Muslim. I believe that all the things that we can't do has its good reasons even though some times I am not 100% sure of the reason (hey, I am not THAT religious). However, I do not look down on people in different religion. I respect their beliefs and hope they will respect mine in return, it doesn't really work all the time though. Next, in a racial perspective, I am a Malay, and I admit there are some flaws in my own race, but there are also some good things. Hey, all races around the world are like that, there's a good and bad "signature" behavior in all races. It just that some people only prefer to look at the bad things, which prove of their narrow perspective and narrow mind. Then my perspective on life. I believe life is colourful. There are some bright and cheerful colours to show our happy times and dark and gloomy colours to represent our not-so-happy moments. I don't really in the same opinion with people who say something like; "I only want black because my life is depressing", for me, it's silly. Your life only become depressing because you want it to, it because you won't let any other colours turn your life around once in awhile, for me, those kind of people are coward. Why? Because life is full of unexpected challenges and surprises, some are nice and some are not. That's what makes life interesting. We live and die once, don't turn away from experiencing different colours of life. Don't turn away from the unexpected of life. Another general belief that I hold on to is, if you don't like people doing something to you, then don't do it to others. For example, if you don't like people talking bad about your family, then don't talk bad about other people's family. If you don't like people insult your race, then don't insult other people race. If you don't like people to keep you waiting, then don't keep other waiting for you for unacceptable excuses. Of course, easier said than done, because when I hold on to this, I always end up experiencing things that I don't like. Such as, I don't like waiting for people, so, I don't want people to wait for me, because I know it's not fun to wait for people. So, I always come on time and end up waiting for people. But for some reason, I still hold on to my words of don't do things that you don't like people to do to you.

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