Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 21 of 30 Days of Challenge

Day 21 : One of your favorite shows

TV shows? I assume it as TV shows =P Well, for TV, there are TV series, reality show, talk show, and there are different in their own ways. It's hard for me to pick one, so I just give one for each TV "genre" as I prefer to call it. LOL.

TV Series : Charmed. I watched others such as House, CSI (all of them), Everybody Loves Raymond, Friends, Family Guy, The Simpsons etc., but I just want to choose Charmed for now :)

Reality show : America's Next Top Model. even though I hardly get the chance to watch it, but I like it ^_^

Talk show : Oprah Winfrey. Since the show is over, I don't really watch talk shows anymore :/

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