Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 25 of 30 Days of Challenge

Day 25 : Someone who fascinates you and why

Hmmm....I don't really have a specific someone who fascinates me at the moment...or, I just can't really think of one right now. But the types of people who might be able to fascinate me is someone who just don't know the meaning of "giving up". I adore those kind of people. They never stop trying even if the world is turning back on them, they still push themselves forward until they reach their goals. I am also fascinate with people who's not wealthy, just living an average life, but manage to look good all the time. It's like they have this aura which make them look stunning in everything. Even when they have a messy hair, they still look good. Maybe it's because of their confidence, and I wish I have that kind of aura/confidence.

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