Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 27 of 30 Days of Challenge

Day 27 : A Problem that You Have Had

Problem? Hmm...well, let see. I have a bad habit of rubbing my eyes. I manage to control it now, but I still tend to rub it without me realizing it sometimes. Other problem will self-confidence issue. I don't know why, it's been my problem for a long time. I'm still trying to overcome that problem. Some other problem will general opinions always be mistaken as something else. People will accuse me of insulting specific people who take it personally. I mean, I don't mention any names...I just express my opnions from my observations on random situations, sometimes through my own experience, and sometimes through other people's experience. Sometimes it's because of my general opinion that get me some haters. However, it doesn't really stop me from still express my opinion. For me, if they take it personally...then it's their problem. I don't say it to them, I just say it as an opinion to be shared. If they disagree, then can just tell me politely and I will understand that it's their opinion and will respect it.

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