Monday, January 03, 2011

Day 3 of 30 Days of Challenge

Day 3 : Your views on drugs and alcohol

Well, one word : BAD. Let's start with my views on drugs. Unless it is approved by doctors for medical purposes to help you get healthier...drugs is just bad for you and will ruin your life and you will only realize it when the damage is just too bad to be fixed without living a scar. You don't need drugs to feel happy or relaxed. You don't need drugs for some boost of confidence. You don't need drugs to release stress. There's a much healthier way to do it than taking drugs, not to forget a lot more fun too. And some people think that taking drugs will make them look cool. Well, if you think that, go knock your head on the wall until you come back to your senses. Not only you will caused trouble to yourself, you will also give burden, worries and sadness to your family and friends. Seriously, stay away from drugs. And alcohol? Well, as a Muslim, of course I'm not interested in alcohol. It's like among the biggest sins of all (and yet there are many Muslims out there who drink alcoholic beverages and are very proud of committing a huge sin) And not to forget, alcohol is also like the mother of all sins/troubles or something. I don't know, it does not come from one religion alone, I heard this being said from many religious views, psychological views and general views. When you're drunk, you'll tend to get into trouble a lot more easily. I saw some of my friends' status in facebook and they updated their status about embarrassing moments that they had while being drunk and they just don't know where to put their face. Another friend got in an accident for driving while being drunk...but still alive, thankfully. So, yeah...alcohol can leads to many kinds of trouble if you don't know how to control yourself. So, which is why I'm not interested in alcohol either. From my view, drugs and alcohol is just bad if you take it for the wrong reasons.

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