Thursday, January 06, 2011

Day 6 of 30 Days of Challenge

Day 6 : Write 30 interesting facts about yourself

Well...I don't really know what 30 INTERESTING facts about myself. It's pretty much ordinary, nothing special. So, I guess I will just write 30 Facts about myself. If you find it interesting...well, that's good to know =)

1. Aries
2. Muslim
3. In a relationship
4. Youngest of four, and the only one in the family that still not married.
5. Plays the violin and electone organ
6. Love jigsaw puzzles
7. Sucks at chess
8. Hate waiting but always end up waiting
9. Love to read fantasy novels (although I rarely got the chance to read one)
10. I always want to go to New Zealand, hope I will get the chance to go there one day
11. My favourite movie of all time will be The Lord of the Rings trilogy
12. My favourite book of all time will be the Charlie Bone series
13. Surprisingly, most of my general opinions always get misunderstood and I will be accused as someone who's a very snob girl.
14. I don't really have "hangout" buddies, which makes my life kinda boring really
15. I don't trust people that easily, but when people break my trust, it's pretty impossible for them to earn it back
16. I appreciate friendship very much
17. I always thought I'm a boring person
18. I have a problem in believing in my own capabilities
19. I have a really huge self-confidence issue
20. I am a quiet, shy, unfriendly person, so, people's first impression of me is that I am a snob (sadly...*sigh*)
21. My favourite composer will be Tchaikovsky
22. My favourite violinist will be Itzhak Perlman
23. My favourite overture; 1812 (Tchaikovsky), symphony; Symphony No.4 (Tchaikovsky), violin concerto; Violin Concerto in D (Tchaikovsky) ^_^
24. I wish to own a Mini Cooper one day
25. I wish to earn my Bachelor in Music Performance (Hons) in a conservatoire
26. I wish to be part of a great orchestra one day and live life as a musician
27. Teaching is not my passion, I'm more to orchestra playing
28. I hate animal cruelty very much
29. I wish to have a cat and iguana as a pet one day
30. I was born in Kuala Lumpur but I never really live in Kuala Lumpur

The end. Well, that is 30 facts about myself, but I don't think it's interesting though. hahaha. I guess that's it, bye for now. Take care.

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