Friday, January 21, 2011

Glad for Your Happiness :)

hey you... ;)
when you blocked me at facebook, my reaction was "what the hell? o.O"
when I learned you block some other of my friends, I was like "what's your effing problem? >:-("
when you unblocked me at facebook and remove from your friend list, I was like "okay"
when you unblocked ** and became friends again, I was like "that's good :)"
when you made a new account, and you added everyone that you blocked except me, I was like "at least you're not fighting with my friends anymore ^__^"
When ** told me you're getting attached to someone...I was glad.
When I know that you're with someone else (or at least heading towards that direction)...I couldn't be happier :)

I knew you deserve someone better
I hope this someone that you met will be many times better than me
I sincerely wish you all the happiness in the world :)
I don't mind if you don't want to talk to me at all
I don't mind if you don't want me in your Facebook friend list until the end of the world
I don't mind if you're not going to wish me happy at all
I really don't mind at all and it doesn't seem to bother me, because I found myself laughed at that thought :p
I hope you'll find the happiness you seek and move on :)
you know who you are ;)

*photos are taken from Tumblr :)


Palash said...

very nice poem, appreciated it. Palash

Wani said...

haha. thanks, it's not really a poem, but it's nice to be appreciated, even though this post is dedicated to someone else :)

Raveneye said...

hopefully he read this post ya~

Wani said...

hahaha. I don't usually give much hope. But only God knows I guess ;-)