Monday, January 10, 2011

let's talk nonsense

hello people. I've been updating my blog with this "30 Days of Challenge" stuff that I rarely update with something else. I don't really know what to talk about anyway, so, I decided to just talk about something. At least there's something to talk about right? Well, what about Anugerah Juara Lagu Ke-25 (AJL 25)? For those of you who didn't know it's something like a singing contest...only it's for celebrities. They perform and there will be juries to judge their performance and decide the winner. It's kinda a big thing not only for local Malaysian singers, but local Malaysian composers as well, just like Hollywood actors and directors with Academy Award. So, yesterday was AJL 25, there were 14 contestants. All of them are special in their own ways. Some composed and sing their own song, others might not be the composer of their song, and they might not able to play any musical instrument, but they can sing well and they can perform it well also.

The winner yesterday was Ana Raffali. Faizal Tahir won best performance while Hafiz won best vocal. Okay, I know, not agreeing with the result is pointless. But in my personal opinion, the result is just wrong. I am not saying that Ana Raffali is bad, I am just saying that there are others who are better. Well, I am an educated musician afterall, even though I might not have many experience in the music career, but I can still have my own musical opinions and thoughts about each performances in my own musical thoughts. I have nothing against Faizal Tahir winning the best performance. I'm sure he's performance for Hanyut was wonderful (I don't really see the performance from the orchestra's stage) But for Hafiz to win best vocal is just completely, utterly, wrong. I believe Black deserve it more than Hafiz. He sang Sofea Jane really well last night compared to Hafiz with his Noktah Cinta. And Adira's vocal was not bad also that night.

As for Ana Raffali, her victory was indeed very unexpected, not just by me, but by the musicians, and the audience as well. Okay, fine, I heard people say; "try listen to the song in YouTube carefully and listen to the lyrics, she deserves it". Well, this is another part that I don't agree with. You see, the judgement of "who-deserve-to-win" does not base on the version from the studio. It's based on the live performance that night. No matter how great the song is from the radio, if it is not performed properly it'll not be considered as the best. And that night, in my opinion, her song was not the best. There are others who performed it better. There are people also who said she won because she's the only one who sang it sincerely. I wonder how can that person say that. I know it's easier to see, hear or feel the sincerity when someone is singing a slow song. But that doesn't make her the only one who sang sincerely. Just because Stacy was dancing enthusiastically didn't mean she wasn't sincere with her performance. Just because Hujan, Bunkface and A.P.I was banging their head passionately with their rock song didn't make them not sincere with their performance. Just because Faizal Tahir, Black and Adira were pouring their hearts out singing their ballad song didn't make them not sincere with their performance. Just because Yuna was taking it simple and light didn't make her not sincere with her performance. So, it's not JUST about sincerity. It's about everything.

Well, whatever it is, it is showbiz. What can I say, music is a very subjective topic. Just because I don't like something doesn't mean everyone will feel the same way. Sometimes, people like something that I don't like because they see something that I fail to see. Same thing the other way round. I can't say other people can't judge good music because they are not musically educated. That will be wrong. People have their own opinions on everything in life, and I respect that. I hope that is something that everyone can do, to respect.


Ahmad Aliff Yusof said...

1st thing... Whoever wins, we lose (time,monopoly).

2nd thing... Hafiz vocal was okay,
but Black was excellent. Perhaps Hafiz voice was the cleanest among them./?

3rd thing... We are recipients of Vice Chancellor's List, but I don't know if the Faculty of Music lecturers choice of winning song.

4th thing... Faizal Tahir is too good to win AJL.

5th... Stacy could have won So You Think You Can Dance... Perhaps the judge was jealous of her singing and dancing skills...

Final thing... Ana Rafalli, I personally don't like her 'gedik' voice (Don't get me wrong readers: it's just my perception of her voice not the personality k? I don't know any other word to describe her voice), but I'm neither Azmeer, M Nasir, Andy Flop Poppy, Pacheye, Habsah Hassan, etc. These people might believe that Ana had done a substantial amount of discovery in song.

I had a supper with Pacheye once, he told me about the qualities he look in a song is not the music, but the sensation after listening to a song; in other words, what you feel after listening to a song not during the song. I believe M Nasir inclines towards that direction too. These people don't look for best music, they look for that sensation.

But let's talk about good qualities of all the songs: Black was virtuosic... A.P.I. was experimental, Bunkface is popularly catchy and Hujan was minimalistic (though not applied in the Tom N Jerry Passages) Tomok was K-Pop inspired. Adira song was another classic but stuck in the wrong version of AJL. Stacy, she should win something someday, but I don't know what award, perhaps a dance music festival; her themes are driving, she reminds me of Agnes Monica. Shahir popular hits, erm... it's the best love song parody. Hafiz's hits... Catchy and upbeat. Faizal's both songs; ear pleasing and very impressive. Yuna's... personal and surreal. Then we have one performer left, which was Ana... There's no word to describe her song. But she won. Perhaps her rezeki.

Final thing... we always get what we don't want. and we always don't get what we want. huhuh

P/S: About Ana's victory, I think I'd seen something before the concert which deeply amused me. Alas, I don't think that I will talk about it for the time being.

Wani said...

rezeki dia la tu. i'm sure yg lain2 yg deserve some acknowledgment that night akan dapat some recognition some place else, and maybe even better as long as diorg x stop trying. Everything happens for a reason kn...