Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lovely pic

*credits to Umar

This was taken last year in December. In the bus going to Genting for OSR performance. I bet Umar edited this pic because coz my face seems to be unusually flawless XD So, thanks Umar :) So, it's very cold here. haha, I just can't stop saying that. When people ask me, how are you in London? I will said, freezing like crazy. hahaha. But yesterday was fun + exhausting. Went to London Bridge, Buckingham Palace and a few other signature places of London. Bought lots of souvenirs too. I am almost done buying souvenirs. Which is a lot! I havent's done any shopping for me yet ;( I only manage to buy a 8 pound knee-length boots and 6 pound handbag. The rest are all souvenirs shopping. I made a list of people who I want to give souvenirs to, some who's helped me a lot, some are friends who made me laugh and a few others who specifically asked me to buy them a souvenir :P But I'm planning to get extra, you know...just in case I forgot some names while making the list. I forget things too easily, lol. well, gotta go now. Take care ^_^

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