Tuesday, January 11, 2011


i always have this problem.
a problem of individual specialty.
i always feel like i am not special at all.
like i am not good enough to impress anyone.
i know, every person is special and unique in their own way.
and some people might see it in me,
but somehow i fail to see.
i tried, i really do.
i tried to make myself believe that i am special,
that i am good and talented.
and there is a point where i manage to hold on to that.
but it never really last...
being surrounded with people who are better than me does not help to boost up my confidence level.
but at the same time i know it's a good thing,
at least it shows that i am not so bad.
but at the same time it makes me feel so tiny and almost invincible.
i don't know,
i guess i have to keep on trying...
but what i need most...
is more self-confidence...
and i mean much more.


S.O.K. said...

i perfectly know what you're talking about, since if face this problem myself...chin up, someday it hopefully gets better ;)

Wani said...

thanks. I hopefully hope so :)