Sunday, January 16, 2011

too much thoughts

FOBISSEA Music Festival from Feb 11-13.
I want to join, REALLY REALLY REALLY want to join.
I planned to join since the first time I heard of it during MPYO camp.
Even though I need to pay rm500, I know the experience will be worth it.
I always wanted to improve my chamber playing skills, and this is definitely a great place to gain something useful.
However, I'll arrive to KL from London on the night of Feb 8.
Which means I will have exactly TWO days to prepare for my part.
Not to forget I haven't pay the fees yet.

Then, I need to cancel my class on Sunday with my students.
I need to do replacement too. I already going to cancel one class during my leave to Scotland.
And replacing the class won't be easy because Bentley concert is coming soon after that.
I can't replace during the weekdays because apparently the parents are complaining that I have "too many shows", duh~ I'm a part time teacher (which I made it clearly to my boss when they want to hire me), what do you expect, of course my priority is more towards performing.
Then, I need to divide the time for the students because I need to make time for BOTH teaching and Bentley rehearsals. Which mean for one class replacement I need to do on TWO Sundays.
Since I'm going to cancel two classes (if I join the FOBISSEA), I will need to do on FOUR Sundays and one of it will clash with Bentley concert and it'll be complicate to explain to the parents!! The easiest solution is to tell Paul I can't come for the rehearsal before the concert and just straight for the concert (so bad of me)
AND...if I join the FOBISSEA I will need to skip one OSR practice...which mean I might miss 3 (or more) rehearsals before OSR concert. Which Mayya made it VERY clear yesterday that everyone can only skip 3 rehearsals before the concert WITH acceptable excuses BUT I think I can compromise and try to work something out.


I have too many commitments! I have no idea how I manage to live for 21 years and 9 months (more or less) with orchestra commitment.
I joined too many orchestra! I wanted to quit Bentley for sooooo long but I never got the chance to do so!
On top of it all, I hate the fact that my mind always analyze everything to be more complicated than it already is :(


Irene said...

dear... I think the passed 2 years did chg a lot of our lives... I dont even know that U R IN LONDON now...(it's just few hours flight from my place) =.= faint~

time flies, v r 22 now...

Wani said...

haha, it does. And I'm not in London yet, I'll be in London tomorrow ;)