Saturday, January 15, 2011

Yesterday's Activity

I went to One Utama with Jannah and Fahim yesterday,
the original plan was to eat at Fullhouse because Jannah was so sure about there's a Fullhouse in OU, until...we realized it's not really Fullhouse, it's just a restaurant that looks like Fullhouse =_=
So, we ate at Kenny Rogers instead.
Before that I went to Forever 21 and bought a scarf and a long sleeve top so I can wear it while in Scotland.
After eating at Kenny Rogers and had many conversations about stuff,
I went to Toys R Us with them and I bought this:

Monopoly Deal card games! X)
I can't wait to meet up with friends, teach them how the game works and play! ^_^

Later, not knowing what to do, all the three of us went to TGV and watch this:

My Comments :
Interesting story line. A very unexpected twist and I like it. To have something unexpected occur in a movie is a good thing, it proves that the director or whoever that involve with the story line manage to think outside the box. I heard that this movie received negative reviews, I found it weird, it's not THAT bad. I mean, yeah, the effects might not be all that great, and this kind of movie, you can't really watch it more than once because what makes the movie interesting is the unexpected, so, when you watch it again, and you already know of the unexpected, it might not be as interesting as the first time. However, it's not boring. Nicholas Cage acting is again, well played. He is afterall in the top 3 in my list of "best actors of Hollywood", the other 2 actors will be Johnny Depp and John Travolta. And the girl who act as the witch, played by Claire Foy, she's done quite a good job with facial expressions. She managed to pull off the innocent smile, innocent sad face, evil smile, mischievious face, angry evil face, you name it...she manage to do it well and make me say; "this girl is a psycho", lol. Not to forget, there's a lot of suspence in this movie, I jumped off my chair quite a few times =_=" Of course, which will only happen in the cinema thanks to those lovely speakers, I don't think it'll be the same watching it from the DVD player, unless you have a very nice sound system, then it's a different story. As for the music, written by Atli Orvarsson, I won't say it's the best among the best out of all film scores that I've heard, but it suits the movie and give a certain emotional impact while watching it, but I'm not sure if I will feel the same by listening to the music without the movie. Nothing beats Lord of The Rings by Howard Shore and Pirates of the Caribbean:At World's End by Hans Zimmer, the music from these movies gave the same sensation either you listen to it while watching with the movie, or just simply listen to it from your mp3 player/iPod. If I am to rate this movie from the scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the best, I will give this movie a 6.5. Only because I know I won't feel the same if I watch it the second time, but I like the fact that the story line is a bit twisted at the end. So, should I recommend you to watch it? Yup, why not :)

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