Monday, February 28, 2011

gloomy morning :(

hello. today is concert day for Imbauan 3 at DFP
Thairy suppose to come today
I bought him the ticket
And I was very excited to see him today
But then he called me
And told me that he can't come for the concert
Then at first I was surprise and thought he was joking as usual
So I asked why...
and he said he's going back to Sabah
I was even more surprise, he doesn't usually joke about that
Besides, he was being serious from the sound of his voice
So...I asked why...
and he told me....
that his father passed away...........

I felt like crying!!!!
Because I want to be there beside him to comfort him but I'm NOT!!
I know how much he cares for his father. He loves him a lot!
I'm too far....can I skip the morning rehearsal and go to him?
:'( If I live in Shah Alam...I will definitely rush to him and comfort him until he's gone to Sabah

Now....the only thing he got from me is my voice through the handphone...
what kind of a lame girlfriend I am... :'(

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