Thursday, February 10, 2011

He looks so cute...

okay...I know I'm being pathetic...sentimental or whatever you want to say.
I don't care if you want to tease me by saying mean things or whatever.
But I haven't seen him for two months now while all my other friends have! It's not fair ;(
When he's back in Shah Alam I was in Scotland, and now I'm still waiting for a chance to meet him...which is next week on Valentine's Day.
Huuu~ I miss him a lot.
And I just saw some latest pictures of him on Feb 6 when OSR went to Jac's house.
And it makes me miss him even more :p His hair grew so long already.
*sigh* miss him...I just have to be patient...few more days until Valentine's.
Hope no one is going to stop me and ruin it...such as some particular person in my head that I refuse to mention.
*cute right? hee~ credits to Liu Yi for taking the picture ^_^

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Cik Fiqa said...

ololollo~ kesian~