Friday, February 04, 2011

I update when I'm bored...

and I'm bored...
I miss my tigger...who's tigger you may ask? Well, he's my violin.
My true first love =P
I feel bad leaving him for two weeks...I can't wait to get back and practice!
My mom kept saying on extending the stay, I DO NOT want. If she wants to stay, fine...I'll go back by myself. I mean it's a direct shouldn't be much of a problem.
I don't want to miss my first Valentine's Day with Thairy.
Besides, I must get back to reality and sort things out.
Furthering my studies, etc...I may laugh out loud or smile or look happy on the surface...
but underneath, I'm still brokenhearted...frustrated...disappointed...and many more.
I guess I just need more time to get back up on my feet.
Well...enough of this emo won't make me feel any better.
So, I better start organizing all the stuffs to fit in the bag to bring back home :)
I miss home ^__^


aryl said...

kaler eskrem tu menarik.. bungkus satu..

Wani said...

aku pown xtau mana nk cari ice-cream tu. haha. jumpe kt Tumblr.