Monday, February 21, 2011

It was fun ^_^

Azam and Thairy came to Serendah today.
Azam asked me to help him for his seminar performance, so he came here so we can practice our duet song.
We played it for his Diploma Showcase last time.
It was a bit rusty at first, but it turned out not so bad.
Not perfect, but at least not so disastrous.
Then they basically spent time here with me and Smokey (my sister's cat that I'm currently baby sit until Thursday)
We watched TV, we practiced.
Thairy practiced his cello while me and Azam had fun sight-read some duets after we practiced his seminar's song.
We had dinner here in Serendah in the nearest food stall.
Came back here and play a few rounds of Monopoly Deal.
After midnight (before 0030), they went back to Shah Alam.
I rarely have company here in Serendah, so, I had a really lovely time.
I wish it can happen more often :)

*photos from Tumblr


Raveneye said...

u were alone?
where were ur parents?

Wani said...

melancong. until Wednesday