Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Mission "nearly" Accomplished.

when i first came to London/Scotland. I had a few items that I planned to buy before going back home to Malaysia. such as leopard print shoes, jelly beans, Lauren Conrad's final two books which are Sweet Little Lies and Sugar & Spies, you know, those stuff. I got my leopard print shoes, but flats, i was aiming for wedges, but never mind, that will do. I had trouble finding the specific jelly beans that i want, but yesterday i went to Tesco...and...

taadaaa....and look, i even bought a body butter :p

Then, there were lots of books at Tesco...but the problem is...there were barely any American novels there. Most are by UK authors. So, I can't find Lauren Conrad's books. Then I thought, IN CASE I fail to find the other two books, I might as well pick something up so I will have something to read in my 14 hours flight back to Malaysia. So, I'm not really sure if this will turn out to be a good story (coz there's no fantasy novels T-T) but I bought these two books.

Well, basically I got everything I wanted, except for books. Which is why it's Mission "nearly" Accomplished :)

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