Thursday, February 10, 2011

out of place...

I want answers but I don't know the right questions.
I want solutions but I failed to analyze the real problems.
I need help but I don't know what help that I need.
I want to talk, but I can't find the word or courage to talk about it.
My mind is moving forward but my heart is still there struggling to get up.
My mind is looking for what might come from the future, while my heart is still there thinking of the past.
Everything in life that suppose to be moving in parallel are no longer moving together.
My life is a mess.
My mind is like an aftermath of some tragic disaster.
I want to relax but my body continues to tense.
Everything seem very much out of place.
I don't know what to do.
I don't know when this phase of my life will end.
I am not like I used to.
I think more than before.
I sit alone and just stare at nothing longer and much more often than before.
I fake my smile even more than before.
I feel a lot lonelier than before.
I feel like crying more than before.
Everything is just...out of place...

*photos taken from Tumblr

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