Sunday, February 06, 2011

Yesterday : Edinburg, Scotland

I went to the city of Edinburgh yesterday. It was great. Beautiful city. I've seen Scottish culture up close, I saw tartans patterns everywhere in many different colours. I bought Scotland t-shirts and one of them with Celtic decoration. The best part of yesterday was visiting the castle of Edinburgh...
We need to pay to enter of course, but it was worthwhile. The castle was amazingly beautiful. Its been there for many hundreds of years and it still manage to leave the visitors with many kinds of amazement. From the roads, to the walls, floors, paintings, sculpture...even the amazing :p Not to forget, the view from up breath taking...
Among my favourite place in the castle was the king's room and the great hall. It's big and beautiful. The fireplace is really big, Santa Clause won't have a problem coming in, haha. Here's a picture of me in the great hall. It's really beautiful.
And not to forget the beautiful city of Edinburgh. Very Scottish indeed. Almost in every store they put some bagpipes songs. I've never heard so many bagpipe music in a single journey :p The city is very historic, because when you look at the building, you know it's been there long time, including the road. I have no problem imagining the city with carriages and people from the 17th century walking around.
Fortunately, at night, there were two bagpipers busking by the road. Hahaha. I took picture with them. Don't worry, I threw some coins in the case before taking the picture. It was very loud. Hahaha

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