Monday, March 21, 2011


I watched Peter Pan movie yesterday at Star Movies.
I watched it before, but since nothing good was on, so I watched.
That movie is not the best in terms of effect or quality.
But I kinda like the storyline...I kinda like the version of this storyline.
I think the story line is nice :)
And after I watched it, I kinda miss Thairy more, hehe.

Talking about Thairy. In exactly 7 days...I haven't seen him for a month.
*sigh...* I can't believe I actually remember the date when I last saw him.
I wasn't planning to...I just remember...

Oowh...I'm planning to exercise regularly.
When I say I want to exercise, people always say that I don't need it because I'm already skinny.
But I don't want to exercise to lose weight...I want to exercise for better stamina.
Since my dad bought an indoor cycling thingy that easy to I can watch TV and cycle at the same time. How cool is that.

And I am planning to eat healthy too.
Not for the purpose of great figures, but for the purpose of good health.
Because...I don't need to lose weight...I'm already skinny...
I'm too skinny that I don't have a curvy body. LOL
But I figure...just because I can't look pretty on the outside doesn't mean I can't make myself look pretty on the inside :)

Well enough of me babbling.
I think I talk too much sometimes...
Maybe I should talk less...

*photos from Tumblr

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