Tuesday, March 29, 2011

[ * ]

My birthday is coming in about two weeks.
Surprisingly, I am not all that excited.
Probably because I had such a boring birthday last year.

* * *

Currently, I am wishing for a long healthy hair.
And my hair grow so damn slow...I don't know in what year my hair will be like this...

* * *

My audition for UCSI is coming pretty soon.
Which is this coming Saturday.
I hope I can nail it...coz I don't really have good luck when it comes to audition.

* * *

Notice the new blog layout?
Just thought my blog need a change of colour.

* * *

Well, I gotta go now.
Take care~♥


goddesspetals said...

1 effective tip!

massage ur scalp evry nite before sleep. 5 mins pun dh cukup dh. really noticeable difference

oh n try to lessen chemical treatments. :D

Wani said...

owh ok. usually aku massage like for 5 seconds before tido. hahaha~ and I barely use chemical treatments coz I rarely go for treatment. Xde masa T-T

thanks for the tips though ;)